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Budgeting & Corporate Reporting Specialist Professional

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Posted 2019/07/23 07:09:30 Expires 2019-11-21 Ref: JB1100001828

Functional responsibilities

 Develop the annual Static/Flexible comprehensive departmental budgets and detailed rolling quarterly forecasts.

Initiate various departmental budget scenarios based on changing macroeconomics and market dynamics. In addition to ensure that sound business assumptions are applied for the exercise.

Develop periodical rolling forecasting, company internal targets, & updates to the annual approved budget to provide the top management & the BOD with continuous insight for the 12 months ahead window (also to provide the base for the long term strategic financial planning).

Ensure sound and solid business & financial assumptions are developed and used in the preparation of the annual budget (submitted to the BOD), rolling forecast (submitted to the BOD) and internal target (submitted to CEO and top management).

Ensure better industry practices for financial planning and budgetary control (in other Telecoms within the region and worldwide) are followed up and shared if needed.

Conduct continuous monitoring and analysis for all overall business performance indicators to ensure coherence with the short term financial plan as well as understanding the deep details of the actual business operations to be reflected afterwards in future plans.

Conduct absolute and advisory budgetary control & monitoring of all the P&L and Capex layers of the business to ensure budget & internal target governance & report to the top management periodically on findings and variances against the plan.

Circulate monthly departmental variance internal reports to all departments and ensure variance justifications are in place and reported to top management.

Participate in the short-term Capex projects evaluations and planning (applying corporate finance and capital budgeting techniques).

Maintain the budgetary control module on the ERP and periodically analyze the existing and future commitments and evaluate its impact on the future position of the company.

Perform other responsibilities as required by higher levels of supervision.


Finance or commerce or a related field

Job Details

Job Location Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Job Role Other
Employment Type Employee
Number of Vacancies 1

Preferred Candidate

Career Level Mid Career
Years of Experience Min: 5
Nationality Saudi Arabia
Degree Bachelor's degree

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